February 14th, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ahh Valentine's Day! The day where most of us spend the day lavishing and being lavished by our significant others. That one person we love the most. Between the fancy dinners, chocolates, roses, cards, and whatever else we do to make them feel special. But what about those of us that don't have a special two legged person? Instead, some of us find ourselves with a four-legged fur baby. No dates, no roses, just fur. 
In the spirit of Valentine's Day, why not make some memories with your special furry friend. Here are some ideas that might help you share the love with your special friend. 
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 1. Enjoy dinner for two 
Take the time to cook up a (pup-friendly) homemade meal. You absolutely deserve it, and who’s to say you can’t toss a few meaty steak chunks to another highly deserving diner? Bonus points if you light a candle out of wagging tail range.

2. Watch a movie together
If your ritual on Valentine’s Day is to stay home in your pajamas and watch The Notebook while crying about how romance is dead, why not do it with your dog? Snuggles and popcorn are a surefire way to have a lovely evening.

3. Get 'em a box full o' love
Skip the box of chocolates, we all know that’s a no-go. But that doesn’t mean you can’t gift your dog a BarkBox packed with Valentine’s Day goodies, like toys you’ll both fall in love with, treats to rival that V-day dinner, and a meaty chew to tie it all together.

4. Go on an excursion
Want to get away for a bit? Your dog would follow you anywhere, so bundle up and visit a local beach to romp in the sand, a hiking trail, or even just the dog park for an extended game of fetch.

5. Teach a new trick
You may not realize it, but quick, fun training sessions are SO much fun for your dog, and they help strengthen your bond even more. Just grab some treats your pup loves, and train in easy 10-minute intervals to keep it stress-free.

6. Take a bubble bath
IF your pup likes bathtime (we know you’re out there), this is a fun way to get him squeaky clean! Lather up those dog-friendly bubbles or scrub up with a good shampoo in warm water. Just be ready for those post-bath zoomies!

7. Make a love jar
The cheesier, the better. Every time you think of a reason you love your dog, write it down and put it in a jar. Next Valentine’s day, take them out and read them. Your pup might not know why you’re suddenly teary-eyed, but he’ll feel the love.

8. Give a massage
We all need to relax sometimes, and dogs benefit from massages just like us! Follow this simple guide to help them chill out, or incorporate handy tools to alleviate stiffness or tension.

9. Write a love letter
Who else is more deserving of love letters all year round? This is more for you than anyone else, but getting all your feelings out on a blank page is invigorating, to say the least.

10. Donate to your favorite shelter or rescue in your dog's name
Your dog already has the best gift—you. Other pups are still waiting for the day their forever family gets to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them, so give a little back to those who need it most.

11. Make a mix tape

No joke—dogs love music too, though they may not enjoy the same tunes you jam to in the car. Collect a playlist of calming music (think classical) to play for them when you’re not home, or to listen to together on a lazy day.

Give your dog plenty of treats and kisses this Valentine’s Day! We wish you lots of love and plenty of snuggles.

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