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Originally posted 2 years ago:
March 4th, 2020 by Jane Kenney

Driving With Your Dog In A Truck Bed Can Be Very Dangerous

Pickup trucks are becoming an increasingly popular vehicle to own in the United States. They’re super useful for carrying heavy items and transporting things from point A to point B. However, some people still find it helpful to put man’s best friend in their truck bed. Whether it’s for a short ride or not, putting your dog on a truck bed is extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

American Humane reported that over 100,000 dogs are killed each year in accidents related to truck beds. Dogs are not protected or closed off when on a truck bed. Additionally, even the most well-trained dogs can and will jump off the end of the truck to find whatever has caught their eye. This can lead to a dangerous result.

Furthermore, a situation of a dog jumping out of a truck bed can lead to other cars trying to swerve last minute out of its way so to not hit the animal. This can also cause an even greater catastrophic situation in the means of a car crash. Truck beds can also contribute to the worsening of your dog’s overall health.

Driving at even average speeds can put a weight on your dogs lungs and overall ability to breathe. As your speed increases, so does the risk of your dog’s health. Additionally, the high winds can cause flying debris to hit your animal in the face. Even the smallest particles like small pebbles are enough to injure your dog by getting debris in its eyes or up its nose.

It’s also important to consider the weather when putting your dog in the back of your pickup truck. Even on a comfortable day, the sun is hot enough to warm the metal on your car. Dogs can easily receive third-degree burns on their paw pads and even suffer heat stroke. Things like leashes, truck bed cages, and the like are also huge no-no’s when it comes to your dog in a truck bed. They can easily cause great harm and even death to your pet.

In conclusion, it’s best to just not put your family pet in the back of your pickup truck. With a lack of security, high winds, and loud noises, your dog would be better off waiting for you at home than potentially being involved in an accident or even worse. Remember, over 100,000 dogs have died from a truck bed related incident. Don’t let your dog be next.

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