Teaching humans to speak canine!

Our services


For pups 9 to 20 weeks. I’ll help you teach your new pup social skills, basic obedience, and help you learn how to care for the new addition to your family.

Sugar Faces

For over-the-hill fur babies, who may not have quite the same spring in their step anymore, this course helps you teach your old dog new tricks, and helps you learn what they need to be comfortable.

Problem dogs

Jumping? Biting? Trashing the house? Barking all the time or too much? Just won't listen?  We will help you control that crazy.

Therapy dog

Want to start training your dog as a therapy dog? Or maybe you just want your pup to help with anxiety. We can show you and your pooch how it’s done!


Blind dog? New house? Furniture being destroyed? Dog jumping that new fence?We can help! We will help build a comprehensive training plan,  


Every dog, every owner, and every situation is unique. Through a consultation, we will help answer your questions, get to know you, your dog, and your situation to get an idea of your dog’s unique issues and come up with a game plan – together.

Why use Us?

We believe that every dog can learn - it just takes the right tools. We can help teach you those tools and tricks.  From the first consultation to the last session, we will be with you every step of the way. We are here to work with you and your dog(s).  That means on your terms - whether that's in one of our group classes, at your place while you are out running errands, or with you and your dog, one-on-one in your home.



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